• Exclusive wide selection of tiles

    Rich decorative motifs and historic, weathered hues

  • Talavera Hand-painted Tiles

    Colorful gems perfect for enhancing your designs

  • Talavera Hand-painted Murals

    Select your design or bring your own; we will make it!

  • Hand-Crafted Terra Cotta

    Top quality Mexican craftsmanship

  • Spanish & Moorish Cotto

    Handmade and high fired, Spanish and Moorish Cotto

  • Studio Moderne Collection

    Award-winning hand made, luster glazed ceramic tile

  • South Sea Pearl Collection

    Bold shapes and extravagant hues

Who we are and what we do

We met in Arizona almost twenty years ago, where I was designing and building homes, and she dazzled me with her tilework. I hired her to do a couple of houses and it’s been rolling ever since. We soon partnered up and moved to Sonora, Mexico where we got married and decided that the creativity here in México is what we both had always dreamed of. We designed and built beach homes, additions and remodels, mostly for American clients, for
over 10 years …

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Puerto Vallarta Art Walk!

puerto-vallarta-logo-sea-horseA truly wonderful tradition in Puerto Vallarta is the weekly Art Walk. Every Wednesday from 6pm until 10, over a dozen art galleries are open to the public, serving free beverages, and giving the public not only the opportunity to view a wide variety of the fantastic art available here in the historic center of old Vallarta, but a chance to mingle with the gallery owners and artists, and to enjoy a party like atmosphere.

Though Colibri Design is not a member of the Art Walk Association, we wholeheartedly support them, and consider many of them friends. We are open every Wednesday evening and we serve a very nice Cabernet Malbec from the Baja to any guests who would like.

Join us, and bring your friends, view the art of Puerto Vallarta. No time share here!

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Saltillo Tile Floors

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Methods of sealing and finishing Saltillo terra cotta floor tiles. Special notes for Puerto Vallarta.

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