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We met in Arizona almost twenty years ago, where I was designing and building homes, and she dazzled me with her tilework. I hired her to do a couple of houses and it’s been rolling ever since. We soon partnered up and moved to Sonora, Mexico where we got married and decided that the creativity here in México is what we both had always dreamed of. We designed and built beach homes, additions and remodels, mostly for American clients, for
over 10 years …

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Puerto Vallarta Art Walk!

AWLOGOEvery year for going on 2 decades, the art galleries in “El Centro Historico”, our neighbors, have been putting on Art Walk. About a dozen galleries participate, from world-class art providers displaying some of the finest of international art available, to artists displaying their own works. Folk art and Mexican collectibles are also on display.

The event occurs every Wednesday evening from 6 to 10, from late October until May. Free beverages are offered, a chance to meet the artists and the gallery owners, and just to have a great and culturally satisfying time. A number of the best local restaurants also sponsor the event. Puerto Vallarta is world famous for it’s art and cuisine, and Art Walk presents residents and visitors alike with an excellent opportunity to experience both.

For more info visit: www.vallartaartwalk.com

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