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We met in Arizona almost twenty years ago, where I was designing and building homes, and she dazzled me with her tilework. I hired her to do a couple of houses and it’s been rolling ever since. We soon partnered up and moved to Sonora, Mexico where we got married and decided that the creativity here in México is what we both had always dreamed of. We designed and built beach homes, additions and remodels, mostly for American clients, for
over 10 years …

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Monika's LupitaMarianne is making very custom ceramic tile mosaics for people. Using the basic tesserae style in combination with the opus sectile technique, these mosaics are both permanant and timeless classics. Very few people have the skill or patience to do this kind of work. Working with her clients on subject matter, colors and content, she adds her own artisitic flare to make each work an individual and unique piece of art.

Monika's SolProjects often take months to complete, depending upon size and complexity. Come by and take a look, and bring your imagination. And yes, we can install them or ship them.

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