Here’s a few of the commonly asked questions. Feel free to email us if you have one that isn’t covered here.


Get creative.

Often tiles of different sizes can be combined by putting one on the diagonal. If the size difference is substantial enough, finger cuts can be used to frame in the smaller tiles, or even out diagonal inserts. Bands of different tile can also be used, not necessarily horizontal or vertical.

Tiles and stone can be cut to just about any shape. The bands can flow with the architecture, the theme, or the materials being used. This is the kind of designing we do.

For floors, the easiest way is to lay the tiles on the diagonal. The larger the room, the larger the tile size you can use. Place a line of cut tiles or decos in every door and entry way, and lay out each room separately. This way you can avoid small cuts that make a room look pinched.

If a room is medium sized, say 5 meters square, a line of tile laid straight along the walls is a great way to frame in the room, making it look whole, and bigger!

With walls, banding, with darker colors below, perhaps a wainscot at about one meter from the floor, and lighter colors above, interspersed with decos or inserts of tile or glass, gives the appearance of more height and width

First, make sure the tile you choose is a good quality clay body. Porous tiles will not hold up on floors. Many people use acrylic or polyurethane sealers, but run into big trouble when the sealer starts to wear out. Check this blog post for more on this subject.
If the grout has been sealed, try cleaning it with acetone first to remove as much of the sealer as possible. Let it completely evaporate before proceeding!

With a scrub brush, clean the entire surface with white vinegar. Leave it pooled on if possible, or do it a number of times. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water!

If the stain persists, scrub the surface with hydrogen peroxide, let it set until dry, and rinse with warm water. That should get most everything out.


Think of the user as a person with a bad back, bad eyes and who has never used those steps before.

Most people want the same tile on their stairs as they have on their floors. Therefore the step, or the runner, will be the same tiles. But lay them out to fit the step, so that all the steps look the same, and the tile is centered. Make sure to do this at the top of the stairs also, it will let someone know they are at the top of the stairs without actually having to take the first step down!

On the riser, or face of the steps, do something to make the top the the riser show, so someone can see where to put their feet; a band of cuts, or color or insert of some decos in patterns that vary from step to step. Do something so people can better see each individual step. It can be very beautiful, and save someone from tripping.